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SECOND BREATH OÜ is a research and development company with a center for the development and production of innovative equipment and software for testing personal respiratory protection equipment (RPE).

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How we help customers

We deeply respect and are inspired by the mission of the creators of RPE, so we do everything to make them successful in their work and develop

Faster, Easier and more flexible test equipment What does this mean for our future customers?
We are Faster You increase productivity
The productivity of your RPE development department and laboratory is affected by the time it takes equipment to enter the test mode and process automation. SECOND BREATH OÜ software for automating the testing process is:
Estimate how much your test preparation time will be reduced with the equipment of SECOND BREATH OÜ. Average time to come to the mode
Type of test
Time to enter the mode
Simulate human respiration
15 min
no more
Breathing resistance
Dolomite dust clogging
60 min
no more
Inward leakage: test using sodium chloride (NaCl) as test agent
20 min
no more
Inward leakage: test using sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) as test agent
20 min
no more
Carbon dioxide content of the inhalation air
10 min
no more
Carbon monoxide content of the inhalation air
40 min
no more
Gas capacity of filters using specified test agents
20 to 60*
*depends on using
test agents
Simulate of pulsating air flow
Atmospheric differential
pressure test
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We are Easier You get inspiration
Easier doesn't mean worse. Agree that a smart phone is easier to use than a telegraph? We have simplified the test bench management system and service maintenance so that you can involve not only highly qualified personnel, but also laboratory intern, for example, in the testing process. We also lightened the designs and thought about ergonomics - the technological aesthetics of the test equipment for the sake of additional inspiration for RPE designers and the attractiveness of the laboratory
we are more flexible You have more testing opportunities
The equipment has wide technical capabilities, so when new regulations appear, you do not need to partially or completely replace the equipment, it is enough to update the software version via the Internet. If you are testing new developments in RPE, you will find it useful to create your own test programs. Breathing parameters are flexibly changed through the application of the equipment; you can set any value within the technical capabilities of the test equipment.

By choosing SECOND BREATH OÜ test solutions, you get:

  • Best performance and possibilities
  • Prices below analog positions
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Continuous service

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