Our history

From development of breathing apparatus to testing equipment

SECOND BRE ATH OÜ is a family company, I formed it with my brother. Our professional paths began in different areas. Mine is in IT technologies, and my brother has been developing RPE of the most complex level for more than 20 years - breathing apparatus and life support systems for space and aviation.

The brother was aware of the problem faced by RPE developers - technologically outdated test equipment, which complicated and slowed down the process of developing protective products, and required partial and complete replacement in case of new developments or regulations.

This area - the research and testing of RPE - has long required fundamental changes and a new approach, because the lives of people in dangerous working conditions depend on it.

We saw the solution to the problem in modern IT technologies and innovative engineering and design ideas.



Employed in the development of breathing apparatus and IT.

Creation of a team of engineers and designers from RPE developers, programmers and the beginning of the development of new products

The first developments of the Oxy Robot human breathing simulator for breathing apparatus

Expansion of the line of equipment for respirators and filters

Participation in the A + A exhibition, Dusseldorf (Germany), presentation of a line of 11 test benches

Development of a Mobile breath recorder of human breathing parameters in self-rescuers on chemically bound or compressed oxygen (SCSR) with the participation of test person

The line of "Dynamics" equipment for testing gas and combined filters has been expanded. Added two types of gas (HCl, ASH3) and mercury as testing agents

Organization of the international conference "Safety of miners" together with CSIR; entry into the Chinese market; development of Silica Dust test equipment for testing PAPRs according to NIOSH standard

Key numbers

  • 8

    New products planned for release in 2023-2024

  • 100+

    test benches are already in operation for our customers in the world

  • 14

    serial products in the line

  • 5+

    years of experience in own production of test equipment for RPE

  • 20+

    years of experience of the company's employees in research and development and development of RPE

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