Participation in A+A expo 2023

Congratulations to our team on returning from Germany! The 4-day international safety exhibition A+A in Düsseldorf was very effective.


Event digest:


  • meeting more than 100 guests of our booth from all over the world;
  • thanks to the mobility and lightness of our test equipment, guests can see as many as 5 products from the product line, independently process the software interfaces and even conduct pre-tests of their masks;
  • presentation of the new Breathing simulator OXY ROBOT platform. New software, new appearance (we'll tell you in more detail);
  • presentation of a new product - Mobile breath recorder for testing RPE with person participation;
  • presentation of mobile test benches - Breathing machine PULSAR and Breathing resistance test device BOREAS, DUMMY HUMAN HEAD;
  • and of course, the presentation of memorable gifts.



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PAPRs testing procedure
PAPRs testing procedure
RCT-APR-0025-508 NIOSH standard testing procedure for HEPA-filter of powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs). Test equipment for PAPRs
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Feb 22, 2024