Second Breath OÜ in China


Congratulations to our team on returning from China! The 3-day international safety exhibition CIOSH in Shanghai was very productive.




During the visit, we managed to communicate with dozens of manufacturers and developers of RPE from China, India, and other countries and demonstrate to them test equipment for different types of RPE, in particular our flagship product, metabolic breathing simulator OXY ROBOT



China is no longer a new market for our company. Two leading Chinese developers and manufacturers of filtering RPE, oriented to international markets, actively use test benches of our production.

Thanks to their elegant design, mobility, and ergonomics, some of Second Breath's OÜ test benches can be effectively used not only in the laboratory for research purposes, but also for marketing purposes, online and offline presentations, and exhibitions. This is exactly what our customer from China, Shanghai Huguard Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (further in the text, HUGUARD), has done. 


About customer


HUGUARD is a high-tech enterprise composed of senior personnel in the personal safety protection industry. Innovative respiratory solutions stand for innovative design, last longer and cost savings. The company pays special attention to research and development, more than 20 technologies are patented. All products are subject to strict internal quality control using more than 10 types of testing equipment at the company's own laboratory.


About project


The HUGUARD team at the CIOSH exhibition (Shanghai, April 2024) clearly demonstrated to potential buyers the unique advantages of its filtering RPE by means of the test equipment used, including that produced by Second Breath OÜ, namely PULSAR breathing machine and BOREAS breathing resistance measuring test device. Thus, potential buyers at the exhibition were able not only to familiarize themselves with the certificate of conformity and printed reports, but also to see for themselves that any respirator from the batch complies with EN 136 and other standards. 

Such a move allowed HUGUARD to show itself to potential customers as a reliable partner in the supply of quality and effective RPE, as well as to distance itself from competitors.



We are happy to cooperate with a company like HUGUARD, which actively invests in research and development, our vision for the safety of people is very close. We wish HUGUARD further development and mastering of new technologies, and we express our gratitude for assistance in participation in the CIOSH exhibition.