Test equipment

Silica Dust

Developed on Metabolic breathing simulator OXY ROBOT software and hardware platform

For developers and manufacturers

  • to carry out production quality control of manufactured filters
  • for research, development and modernization RPE
  • to make competitive analysis
  • to create limiting (extreme) operating conditions of RPE, carrying out life tests
  • to check requirements of customers during the research and development work
  • to carry out tests at all stages of the life cycle of RPE according EN, NIOSH, DIN and other standards and regulatory documents

For certification
bodies and testing laboratories

  • research and verification the development and modernization RPE strategy
  • to make competitive analysis

Research centers
and universities

  • researching and development of recommendations to improve industry safety in the workplace


Unique platform for research & quality control of RPE
Breathing parameters
Unique platform for research & quality control of RPE
The breathing machine of SILICA DUST is developed on the software and hardware platform of Metabolic breathing simulator OXY ROBOT. Test equipment SILICA DUST embodies its ergonomics and automated processes.
Modern way
of control
To control the test equipment, an application is used the app on personal computer with a simple and convenient interface in English. It is possible to quickly and easily master the control of SILICA DUST and involve even a laboratory intern in the work.
Saves time for
lab staff
SILICA DUST software automatically maintains test parameters, records and stores their results, and saves staff time
Lightweight design
and advanced

Data sheet

Technical specifications

Data sheet of breath simulator SILICA DUST.pdf
13 KB

Software features

  • feedback of breathing parameters in real-time
  • automatic calculation, control of test parameters, fixation and formation of a test database with results
  • to create DATABASE of types and models of RPE, manufactures of RPE
  • to export test results DATABASE to your devices in PDF&EXCEL-file and print its
Interface languages: English
Software hosting: touch display on breathing machine, app on personal computer Download

Relevant standarts

Testing HEPA filters designed for powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs) according to:

procedure № RCT-APR-STR-0025 NIOSH

If you require testing to a standard not listed, please contact us


Warranty from 12 months

Training of the Customer's staff

Service support for the entire period of use

Development of equipment according to your terms of reference

If you are interesting in this test equipment, please, fill out
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PAPRs testing procedure
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